James' viral hit with over a quarter of a million views- a satirical look at the so-called "Freedom Convoy" in Ottawa


Wake up momma, what’s that sound
18 wheelers rolling through town
Bar the doors, something’s going down
Some kind of parade, led by clowns
It’s The Crybabies Caravan

A trailer full of lies from out of the west
Engines running, Soiling the nest
A beating of privileged chests
Inconvenienced isn’t being oppressed
It’s The Crybabies Caravan

You cry cry cry that you want to be free
You cry cry cry,
You don’t even know what that word means

If you waved those flags and you held those signs
In any other country you’d get jail time
You cry about freedom, and that’s just fine
Until you end up taking mine
It’s the Crybabies Caravan

You’re just pawns in a rich man’s game
Can’t you see you’re being played
Voyage of the scammed, I dare say
Take your hate and go away
It’s The Crybabies Caravan

You cry cry cry, It’s a chain of fools and narcissists
You cry cry cry
For your entitlement and selfishness

You can’t have an insurrection if you can’t get it up
You act hard done by, you huff and puff
Come on boys that’s about enough,
You toot your horns and you act so tough
It’s the Crybabies Caravan

You want the freedom to act with impunity
To ignore the needs of community
I want a vaccine for immunity
From your dumbed down stupidity
It’s the Crybabies Caravan

You cry cry cry,
You’re in a cult of ignorance
Cry cry cry
And you act as if you’re innocent

Walk with Nazis, you’re a Nazi too
Don’t give me that line that it’s just a few
If you’re OK to hang out with that crew
I’m sorry but I’m not OK with you
It’s the Crybabies Caravan